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Join us at The SHIFT business festival on 29.-30.8.2019

Sofokus has been a partner of The SHIFT since the beginning and this year we are joining the business fest with a bang! With more than 15 of our own crew we’ll together offer you a workshop, three roundtables and a chance to network, pitch your business ideas and take on some heat in a sauna or a hot tub above the sea. Our theme this year is Future of Growth and our question to you is: Can you take the heat?

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What if you had the chance to sail on the sundeck of a floating sauna? And not just sail but while doing so also take part in discussing a hot topic of the IT-field with like-minded and intelligent people? And what if you had the change to do these things while attending The SHIFT 2019? Would you let the chance fly by or grab it by the horns so to speak? Enough with the questions, we know you are in it to win it, so sign up for our roundtables and cruise on the sea with the sharpest minds of our field (this includes yourself).


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Our sauna ferries (yes, there are two) are parked by the sea front on the pier next to the Sergios al Mare restaurant, just a 2 minute walk from the main stage.